Is Material Handling and Drayage the Same Thing?

Transportation (also known as material handling) is an unavoidable expense and often surprises exhibitors.

Transporting refers

to the movement of items on your trade show booth from your carrier's delivery vehicle to your booth space. Show decorators like GES, Freeman, etc. determine the cost based on a number of factors.

Generally, you are charged an “X” for every 100 pounds of material. It's a coordinated effort that takes place behind the scenes and these are “necessary evils” that cannot be avoided. Transportation or material handling costs can come out of nowhere, especially toward the end of a trade show. These costs refer to the transfer of the exhibition material to the stand. What is drayage? Transportation at trade shows refers to the handling of the materials in your booth, including the structure of the stand, promotional gifts, advertising material and other items, before, during and after the celebration of the fair or event.

Transportation can also be referred to as material handling at trade shows. If you ship to advanced warehouses, the freight rate per 100 pounds will be more expensive and you will have to ship your items 2 to 3 weeks before the fair starts. The items included in the transportation fee and the actual dollar amounts associated with them vary from show to show and from city to city. The advantage of these options is that they could offer you standard shipping and transport rates and you could make an offer and save costs there. Many reputable carriers, such as UPS and FedEx, may not bring material directly to the trade show venue and will only ship it to their local warehouse.

These precautions may not solve all your transportation problems, but they can help you minimize expenses and avoid additional charges. It's important to fully understand what transportation is and what it isn't before you exhibit at your first trade show. Trade show exhibits that are custom-designed using modular construction are best suited to reducing transportation costs. Not surprisingly, the cost of transporting an exhibition can sometimes cost more than shipping your booth across the country. Transportation also includes handling and storing empty boxes and pallets of trade show material during your exhibition or conference. Since these are standard transportation items that all exhibitors have, you can come up with an approximate rate to include in your budget spreadsheet.

This is because the decorator handles transport items much less when moving them from an advanced warehouse. This is because trade unions at the fairgrounds charge transportation by the hour and are the only providers of this service on that site. It is essential to know that the cost of transport services are added to the shipping costs that you will incur to take your cargo back and forth to the fair. This is a photographic comparison of the difference between freight and transport that may help you understand it.

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