What is Drayage and How Does it Work?

Transport trucks are typically heavy-duty (class C) diesel-powered vehicles that are used to move containers and bulk cargo between ports, intermodal railway facilities, distribution centers, and other locations close to the port. By definition, freight transport is the transportation of cargo from a seaport to a destination. It is also often referred to as the process of transporting goods over short distances, also known as “The First Mile”. Transport trucks are large semi-trailers that are used to move goods from one place to another and are usually heavy trucks powered by diesel.

They transport containers and bulk cargo between ports and intermodal railway facilities, distribution centers, and other locations. The history of transportation services dates back long before modern times. The term “hauling” comes from “dray”, which is an old vehicle that has an old car without sides and that, in general, is driven by horses. Naturally, horses and carriages could not withstand long distances and would stop after short distances in cities to rest.

This mode of freight transport was used until the beginning of the 20th century, when modern trucks replaced them. Transport is a term used by the maritime transport and logistics industry, usually referring to the process of transporting goods over short distances. For example, during a routine freight transfer, in which numerous methods of transport are used for shipping (such as trucks and railroads), transportation occurs when cargo is transferred from the truck and placed on the train. Transportation loads tend to have departure and arrival points in the same metropolitan area and are not focused on domestic or long-distance movements.

Dock hauling occurs when roads and highways are used to transport intermodal units to a pier or pier from a previous railway center. A transport truck moves cargo between different locations, including container ships, storage lots, order fulfillment warehouses, and railway shipyards. If you were to survey a group of people about what the word “Drayage” means, you could get five different definitions. As a gateway to the Asian commercial market, the San Pedro Bay complex is crucial when it comes to transportation. Transportation is a subset of intermodal transport and an essential component of the logistics industry.

Ferry transportation occurs when an intermodal unit is temporarily moved to a temporary storage location, such as a parking lot, due to overcrowding at its original center point. So what is drayage? Here's a quick look at its origins and how companies across the country and the rest of the world use it. If the cargo of a shipping container weighs 119 pounds, for example, you will be charged a rounded weight of 200 pounds because transportation is charged in increments of 100 pounds. While the term transportation specifically refers to short-distance movements as part of the supply chain process, it is primarily used by the container transportation industry. Many carriers simply equate “transportation” with having to go to a port, which isn't always the case. CARB is currently developing new regulatory requirements to make the transition from zero-emission transport trucks, which will be included in the Advanced Clean Fleet Regulations. Intermodal transport refers to the transportation of cargo by truck, sea, or rail, rather than a single mode of transport.

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