What is Drayage and Why is it Important for Shipping Goods?

The term 'drayage' has been around since the days of horse-drawn carts, when goods were transported without sides. In the shipping and logistics industries, drayage is the transportation of goods over short distances. It is often part of a longer transfer, such as from a ship to a warehouse. Research defines drayage as a pickup or delivery by truck from a seaport, border point, inland port or intermodal terminal with the origin and destination of the trip in the same urban area.

It can also refer to the movement of goods inside large buildings, such as convention centers. Drayage is an important part of the supply chain process, as it is responsible for transporting goods over short distances, also known as 'The First Mile'. This process can be complicated, as it involves transporting loads with departure and arrival points in the same metropolitan area. The fare paid for drayage services is also referred to as 'transport'.

It is essential for companies that ship goods to have a reliable and efficient transport service in order to ensure their shipments reach their destination safely and on time.

Lynette Cariño
Lynette Cariño

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