What Are the Fees for Drayage Services?

Drayage is a type of transportation service that involves the movement of cargo containers from a port or rail ramp to a warehouse or other destination. This type of service is typically used for short-distance hauls, and the fees associated with it can vary depending on the weight of the cargo, the distance traveled, and other factors. When it comes to pricing for drayage services, there is usually a base rate for every 100 pounds of cargo. Additionally, there may be a fee charged if the container stays in the port for longer than allowed.

To avoid these extra charges, it is important to plan ahead and make sure that all necessary arrangements are made in advance. In addition to the base rate, there are other costs associated with drayage services. These can include a per-mile rate, fuel surcharge, toll charges, driver arrest fees, and other additional charges. However, since drayage services are typically done over short distances, the cost may vary depending on the time needed to enter and exit the port complex or specific terminals.

When evaluating drayage costs, it is important to talk to the carrier beforehand to find out what fees and charges will be applied. In some cases, you may be able to negotiate a lower rate if you have multiple shipments or if you are able to deliver on time. On the other hand, late deliveries may result in double freight rates. Additionally, some carriers may charge a fractionation fee for the chassis used to transport the container.

In general, you will need to pay for both transportation costs and ancillary expenses when using drayage services. The trucker will usually charge a delivery fee for picking up and dropping off an FCL container at a warehouse. However, some carriers may waive this fee if the delivery location is within their default delivery zone, which is usually within a few kilometers from the port or ramp.

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