What is a Drayage Charge and How to Reduce It?

Transportation is the fees charged for moving goods over short distances in order to prepare them for the next stage of the journey or delivery to their destination.


is the transportation of a full container by truck. The base freight rate includes the collection of the container at the port and its delivery to its next destination, such as your warehouse or an intermediate warehouse for transshipment. This rate is determined by the weight of the freight, the handling required, and other factors.

Additional fees may also be taken into account, including driver arrest, tolls and equipment costs. When it comes to the rates that apply to a transport shipment, there are some that are commonly used. Your exhibition house is well versed in transportation procedures and can offer many tips for controlling costs. Transportation is often referred to as the “first mile”, as it is just one part of a much larger shipping process used to move cargo to its final destination. This fee covers the cost of moving an exhibitor's cargo from its carrier's vehicle to the booth space. If Flexport provides road transport for your shipment (to origin or destination), you will be charged a 26% collection fee or a base transportation fee.

The weight included in the show is used as a loaded weight for all transport calculations, since it is always the heaviest weight. If the carrier has to pay a toll while completing a transportation service, that fee will be transferred to the sender. Shippers often complain about the cost of freight rates, in particular due to the fact that transportation is the shortest part of a freight shipment's journey. However, there are ways to reduce transportation costs. Drayage helps fill gaps in the supply chain by moving goods between ports, terminals, warehouses and retailers.

A 3PL partner, such as USA Truckload Shipping, can help you book an electric-only shipping company with the lowest rates to meet your shipping needs. In conclusion, there's no way to completely eliminate transportation charges, but there are things you can do to avoid certain fees or reduce the amount you owe. Your exhibition house can provide many tips for controlling costs and booking an electric-only shipping company with low rates can help you save money.

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