The Significance of Drayage in the Shipping Industry

Transportation is a term that is mainly associated with the container transportation industry.

Rather than transporting goods domestically, trucks are used to move shipping containers from one local point to another.

Transportation loads usually start at a port and can be taken to shipyards, warehouses, and other locations before reaching their final destination. When we think of transportation, we often think of large intermodal containers on a ship, but there are also two other types of transportation. One of these is shipping to malls or shopping centers.

Shopping malls usually have centralized docks where receivers can pick up their products. Transportation is used throughout the shipping process, but it is usually the first step in shipping products around the world. In the past, horses were used for transportation during the 19th and early 20th centuries, until trucks replaced them as the standard form of transportation. When you hire a reliable logistics company, they can assess your freight transport needs and provide you with advice on the type of transport service that best suits your needs.

Unless you work in the shipping or logistics industry, you may not hear the term transportation very often. As freight loads can have many connotations, shippers may be confused about how to classify them. If you work for or own a company that manufactures and sells products or if you ever order products from far away places, then transportation is an important factor in your life. Therefore, it is essential that shipping operators and transport companies understand the full importance, relevance, and benefits of drayage.

Transportation loads typically have departure and arrival points in the same metropolitan area and are not focused on domestic or long-distance movements. This form of transport is used to move containers from manufacturers to customers on roads. The term drayage specifically refers to short-distance movements as part of the supply chain process, but it is primarily used by the container transportation industry. It is well known that significant delays, driver frustration, financial penalties, and missed deadlines are key issues and weak points when dealing with transportation loads.

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