What Does it Mean to be a Drayage Driver?

In the logistics industry, a hauling truck driver is someone who drives a truck that transports shipping containers. This type of freight transport involves the shipment of goods over a short distance by land transport. It is commonly used in intermodal transport, such as moving large containers from a ship to a railroad for delivery. By definition, freight transport is the transportation of cargo from a seaport to a destination.

It is also often referred to as the process of transporting goods over short distances, also known as “The First Mile”. This type of transportation is an essential service in the logistics industry and can play a role in the cold chain logistics industry. When it comes to cargo trucks, there are several different classifications depending on how the merchandise should be transported. Understanding the transportation process and its origin can help you get the most out of this logistics service.

Without a transport truck, goods would stay in ports, railway shipments would remain on trains, and the entire freight transport system would be shut down. It may also be necessary for a freight container to be transferred by a transport service several times during shipment. Transportation drivers keep these goods moving when shippers use multiple (intermodal) methods to ship their cargo. If you're still undecided about becoming a freight forwarder, a big draw for the job is that it's in high demand.

When you see shipping containers being transported in trucks along the road, these are transport trucks. Transportation also means transporting cargo to a warehouse, another port, or delivering it to a final destination within a specific radius. According to the North American Intermodal Association (IANA), more than 60 million freight loads are transported every year. If you're interested in becoming a truck driver, do some more research about what qualifications you might need and where you would like to work. Some deliveries with transport trucks can be made over short distances of just 100 feet to an intermodal terminal or even another truck.

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