What do you need to haul drayage?

Transport truckers pick up shipping containers at ports. Therefore, having a license to enter ports is essential. The first thing to keep in mind is that your truck will need a DTR sticker. Becoming a transport truck driver is possible for just about anyone.

The main requirement to be a transportation truck driver is to obtain a CDL (commercial driver's license). On average, it only takes seven weeks to get your license if you attend a full-time driver training program. Customs and Border Protection: More than 11 million containers arrive at our country's ports every year. This means that owners and operators who manage road transport businesses are in high demand.

When your cargo arrives at a port in Charleston or Savannah, you'll need transportation services. RelyEx Solutions transportation services include transportation from the port to the final destination. Another popular option we offer is to transport cargo and goods to a storage facility and then to the last mile. In addition, Iron Horse Transport offers rental chassis for transportation in the ports of Charleston or Savannah.

If you're transporting cargo in containers through Savannah GA an intermodal marketing company (IMC) or you need to transport a container between a port or ramp and your own facilities, it's likely to be transported by one of these smaller carriers. They may not transport your cargo as far as possible, but the miles they travel are some of the most important. The working conditions and regulations related to freight transport mean that drivers and carriers have some characteristics and priorities that are specific to their unique line of work. If you book intermodal transport through a 3PL or IMC company, it is your responsibility to book the carriers that will transport your container to and from the railway.

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